Sherji Tech's VLE framework

VLE system developments with a reliable framework

Nabeel Muhammed
 July 5, 2017

Learning is said to be a continuous process and every firm spends a lot to make their employees learn what is required for the current scenario. In order to make the process much more easy & efficient, a web based platform has been introduced and it is called Virtual Learning Environment.

A virtual learning environment (VLE) in educational technology is a Web-based platform for the digital aspects of courses of study. 

Basically VLE was evolved from Learning Management System (LMS). LMS was a platform to provide education and to monitor the level of training provided through education. Everything in LMS is pre-recorded and for that an instructor is required to make the students/employees understand the content of the LMS.

But with the evolution of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)education & training became much more web-based. It doesn’t require any kind of instructor and it mostly provide training rather than education. Education is a broader term, more associated with the act of learning having been facilitated rather than skills which have been taught. But training is what VLE intends to provide.

VLE is a gateway to professional excellence. Here the instructors will be experts in their respective fields. They will be providing lectures, training classes, interactive sessions. With VLE, the physical presence of an instructor could be avoided and it has become a much effective way of training people.

VLEs may also include social media tools that allow learners and instructors to interact via chat or online discussion boards. VLEs generally includes a content management system often integrated with an ERP system.

Sherji on virtual Learning Environment

Realizing the great potential of virtual learning, Sherji Technologies has already took a leap ahead. Sherji Technologies is developing a complete virtual learning environment for communicating with its clients, making it almost a direct eye to eye communication in every possible angle and every possible dimension. Sherji Technologies is looking forward to more advancement in this platform.